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In this episode of Fully Baked Radio we take a bite out of the Big Apple, as we find out what's going on with the one state that makes more arrest than any other state. We talk to Chris Alexander of New York's Drug Policy Alliance, Frank Sha Francois of NYC Green Party and Scott Gianotti Managing Director of the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo.

Check out our latest episode of Fully Baked Radio featuring our comrades from Michigan. Flip Marlee and Vanessa talk to Mitzi Ruddock, organizer with the Sons of Hemp, and black dispensary owner and activist from Detroit, Mr. C. Thank you to everyone in this group who tried to help us connect to connect with Michigan folks!!

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Listen to "Montell Williams Interview" on Spreaker. Former TV personality turned Cannabis entrepreneur Montell Williams have been combating his MS for years using cannabis. Montell has now positioned himself as pioneer in the cannabis world with his new brand Lenitiv. Check out Montell Williams as he joins flip Marlee on Fully Baked Radio. Listen to "Ricky Williams" on Spreaker. Former All-Pro NFL Running Back Ricky Williams, has found a new cause to run behind, Cannabis! Catch this exclusive interview with Ricky Williams on Fully Baked Radio. Listen to "Charlo Greene the "Fuck It" Interview" on Spreaker. After quitting here news anchoring job live on TV with the phrase "Fuck It I Quit", Charlo Greene has been "blazing" a trail of activism mixed with entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry. Charlo have become one of the popular faces in the cannabis world, but her cannabis club in Alaska was recently raided, hear her story now on FBR!

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Levi Lennon

Levi Lennon's "Love Tripp" EP is a psychedelic drug induced journey through one night stands that have the passion of 10 year long relationships. Levi believes that most relationships are 20% discoveries about each other & establishing truths and 80% filler. Therefore, an entire day and night spent together on LSD could be the equivalent to a 10 year relationship if the time were solely dedicated to establishing truths. In this special project, the Jersey boy touches on topics selfishness, sex, coming down from the high & more. Take a tab with him in the intro, take a break, then take a tripp. #LoveTripp


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