Our Mission

Fully Baked Radio is the #1 cannabis talk radio show in the world! And if you do not agree our goal is to change that. You won't find a better blend of information and entertainment on the latest topics involving cannabis, underground music and what’s trending in the world.

Fully Baked Radio provides a platform for grass root activism throughout the country, all while playing many of your favorite indie artist. Guest on Fully Baked Radio will include lawyers, doctors, law enforcement, cannabis patients, drug war victims, entrepreneurs and more.

Catch the next Fully Baked Radio show as we continue to spread cannabis awareness and education on every show!


Our Message

For generations Americans have been brainwashed by fear mongering and false promotion of cannabis use (“this is your brain on drugs”), all while America has a medical patent on the marijuana plant. Americans continue to throw people in jail and waste billions of dollars fighting the “War on Cannabis”, while countries all over the world are making great advancements, Fully Baked Radio wants the public to know the truth about cannabis, in hopes of saving a life or keeping someone from prison.

Fully Baked Radio started out grassroots in 2015, and moving forward towards the future our heart will always be with grassroots activism and activist, for change of the future starts with these freedom warriors of today. No medical marijuana patient should be jailed, harassed or questioned for using their medicine, every show is dedicated to patients far & wide.

Cannabis and music has always been synonymous, remaining true to tradition, Fully Baked Radio is dedicated to promoting independent musicians and artist, giving them place to be heard.

If you will like to have your story publish, join our show our send us music, please do so by emailing FullyBakedRadio@gmail.com.

Trust the Experts

When it comes to the ever changing world of Cannabis you want to rely  on experts! Well, it gets no better than the Fully Baked Radio crew, funny, smart and entertaining, no one delivers cannabis news better than Americas Highest Radio Show!

Vanessa Maria


Flip Marley

Host, Executive Producer



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