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  • Michigan Episode Ft. Mitzi Ruddock

    FBR finds out what's going on in the Wolverine State of Michigan, as we check in with Mitzi Ruddock of Sons of Hemp and Mr.C, an African American dispensary who prefers to remain anonymous. Time to get Baked! […]

  • NYC episode

    New York arrest more people for cannabis possession than any other state. With Cannabis legalization right around the corner what will cannabis legalization look like in the Big Apple? […]

  • Chris Alexander of Drug Policy Alliance of New York City


  • Frank Sha Francois


  • Scott Giannotti

    Scott "the Hemp Coach" Founder of the Cannabis & Hemp Association and Managing Director of the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo, joins our show to talk NYC and Expos. […]

  • Headdies Glass

    Chick from Headdies Glass breaks down there 3D-Dab Vac, gold labels and staying ahead of the game, check them out now! […]

  • Lewis from 24k Shine rolling paper

    Hear from the worlds one and only 24kt Gold Rolling Papers! […]

  • Champs Trade Show 2017 Atlantic City

    The largest counter-culture is back in Atlantic City, New Jersey for it's annual B2B trade show. I had the privilege to cover the event but before I did I had a chance to sit and talk to one of the organizers, Pete. […]

  • Montell Williams Interview

    flip Marlee speaks to cannabis activist and entrepreneur Montell Williams. […]

  • Scott Greiper

    Interview with cannabis business investor Scott Greiper, of Viridian Capital. […]

  • Marv Washington interview

    Former NFL Pro Marvin Washington speaks on ISOsports, cannabis and Football! […]

  • Treyous Jarrells interview

    Former Ncaa Collegiate football player Treyous Jarrells tells flip Marlee all about playing football "fully baked". […]

  • Ricky Williams

    Retired All-Pro NFL Running Back Ricky Williams speaks on life and cannabis business. […]

  • Deimitri Downing interview

    Interview with Executive Director of the Southwest Cannabis Expo Confrence series, Deimitri Downing. […]

  • Charlo Greene the "Fuck It" Interview

    After quitting here news anchoring job live on TV with the phrase "Fuck It I Quit", Charlo Greene has been "blazing" a trail of activism mixed with entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry. Charlo have become one of the popular faces in the cannabis world, but her cannabis club in Alaska was recently raided, hear her story now on FBR! […]

  • Safer Arizonia

    Election 2016 was nothing short than epic! People were either celebrating or pulling their hairs out at the new President-Elect Trump, regardless of the outcome Cannabis was the overall winner of this years election, with 4 states legalizing cannabis. However it was not a clear victory, 5 states were on the ballot and Arizona was the only state to shoot down legalization. Before you pot heads start scratching your heads asking why, allow Dave, Safer Arizona Executive Director, explain why saying "No" was the best outcome for the state. […]

  • jack cole interview

    Jack Cole is now a retired New Jersey State Trooper and former narcotics agent. Mr. Cole recently resigned from his seat as Executive Director of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), where he transcended the largest group of current and retired law enforcement, lawyers and judges, to become the largest group of its kind around the world. Before his resignation Jack Cole stopped by Fully Baked Radio. […]

  • Russ Bellville

    Legendary voice of cannabis Russ Belleville mins the Fully Baked Radio show as one of our very first guest. Listen as the ghost of Henry Anslinger arises from the dead and has a few words for Russ and the FBR crew. […]

  • Cheryl Shuman

    Referred to as the "Martha Stewart of pot", similar Martha Stewart, you either lover or hate Sheryl Schuman. Regardless of which Sheryl has made her staple in the world of cannabis and has decided to drop by our show give us a piece of her mind. […]

  • Oaksterdam Univeristy Dr. Aseem Sapaal interview

    Known famously for handing her pink slip in live on TV during her Alaskan News Anchor days with the words, "Fuck it I quit". Listen to what she says about her and her future when she stopped by on Fully Baked Radio. […]

  • Steve Auerbach

    Steve Auerbach is Pennsylvania's premiere cannabis lawyer. Steve is well seasoned in changing laws as he was on the ground level during Pennsylvania's medical marijuana implementaion. Check out his special guest appearance on Fully Baked Radio […]

  • illuminati congo

    Illuminati Congo is a lyricist based out of Chicago, having toured around the world spreading positive energy and vibrations through his music, Illuminati Congo checks in to Fully Baked Radio to say "High". […]

  • Dr. Uma

    Dr. Uma, cannabis pioneer and educator has been fighting for Cannabis legalization in the state of Massachusetts for years, we were honored to have such a beautiful soul on our Fully Baked Radio episode. […]

  • Elevated lounge

    Before they were unlawfully raided the Elevated Lounge in Rhode Island was one of the premiere cannabis destinations on the East Coast. Find out more on Elevated Lounge during this episode of Fully Baked Radio. […]