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Levi Lennon's "Love Tripp" EP is a psychedelic drug induced journey through one night stands that have the passion of 10 year long relationships. Levi believes that most relationships are 20% discoveries about each other & establishing truths and 80% filler. Therefore, an entire day and night spent together on LSD could be the equivalent to a 10 year relationship if the time were solely dedicated to establishing truths. In this special project, the Jersey boy touches on topics selfishness, sex, coming down from the high & more. Take a tab with him in the intro, take a break, then take a tripp. #LoveTripp


Lee Harvey

Half on a Fif'

Levi's Sway in the Morning Interview

Check out Trenton, NJ native, rapper & CEO of Native Hill Records, Levi Lennon, as he interviews with the legendary Sway.

Levi- Half on a Fif' (Official Music Video)